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Payroll Management

Managing business with unchecked payroll processes will lead to a scenario where the employees would end up doubting the core processes of the organization. Managing the payroll processes can be a tedious task for organizations with a huge employee base. Most companies manage their payroll processes manually or tend to completely outsource the tasks to a consultancy or third party agencies. Managing these processes manually is both time consuming and manual intervention can also lead to errors on the other hand outsourcing the internal processes can lead to increase in expenses. Why should companies manage their core HR activities manually or outsource their core activities to a third party and risk the chance of errors or data leaks? 

It is time that companies should realize the benefits of an efficient HRM system and how a cloud based system can help them streamline their core processes with minimal manual intervention and with no need of identifying outside agencies to manage them.

The intent of this blog is to highlight the needs and benefits of a cloud based HRM solution that will enable businesses to automate their processes making them self-reliant and aware of the dynamic technological environment.

About payroll software

Payroll is one of the important activities carried out by any organization in order to make sure that their employees are paid with their salaries on time mean while making the sure that other components like leave, incentives, deductions paid to government, PF etc. are considered while calculating the salaries. With a right payroll management system implemented in place the business can focus more on growing rather than feeling stressed about managing monthly employee compensations.

A payroll management system is that module of the entire HRM solution that is used to automate the process of managing all of the employee’s financial records. With an efficient payroll system in place businesses can easily manage employee salaries, calculate deductions and net pay accurately and at the same time enabling the admin team to avoid errors and managing on time disbursement of the salaries.

Benefits of payroll management solutions

  1. Save time

Time is of great essence. With the implementation of an efficient payroll system the payroll team doesn’t have to put up with excel spread sheets and spend majority of their time wrestling with the formulas to ensure the compensation is getting calculated accurately. With automation of the process, users have to initially enter the employee data and seed in the payment structures followed by the business, but then it is a one-time activity and the business can rely on the system to do the calculations based on the structures defined and save time spent on managing spreadsheets.

  • Data Security

Data security is something that is of great importance when it comes to running a successful business. Businesses tend to outsource their non-core activities so that they can focus on their core areas in order to drive growth. Outsourcing by all means is a smart approach but should it be done at the cost of risking your employees’ personal details? Advancement in technology has only made people more dependent on it which has lead the software developers to improve the security standards of their solutions. With Mobilise HRMS solution businesses can rest ensured that their valuable data is encrypted and preserved on the best and safe cloud based servers.

  • Cut down errors

Automating the payroll process will lead to reduction in human errors caused by manual entry of data. Digitalizing the payroll process can help a business to eliminate the errors caused due to manual processes.

  • Customized and transparent reporting

Every business has its own way of doing things and its own taste when it comes to reports generation. Mobilise HRMS enables its users to create customized reports across various modules like Payroll, Leave Management, Employee Management, Manpower requisition and much more. System generated reports helps bringing in transparency and more clarity on the processes.



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