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Mobilise CMMS Software Solution and Features

Mobilise CMMS is an efficient tool that delivers concrete benefits across the department. Management gets better visibility and accountability while the technical engineers enjoy seamless workflows that help them prioritize their daily tasks no matter wherever they are. An end-to-end solution for you to pick up and manage any maintenance activity and track their status helping you put an end to the endless paper trails.

Our innovative mobile applications enable your field teams and coordinators to achieve customer SLAs by cutting down on task assignment time and task resolution time. 

Our feature rich CMMS system enables field teams to resolve the calls, upload call resolution evidence such as customer consent over OTP, customer consent using signature, a signed service report etc. and request for a spare part from mobile application itself.

Mobilise CMMS software offering is comprehensive & Complete!

Asset Management Software Provider

CMMS Software Components

Mobilise CMMS has easy to deploy components which make it a world class solution for any asset management company or a service department or facility management company to manage their operations:

CMMS Features

Mobilise CMMS comes with host of industry-oriented features required for service delivery excellence:

Mobilise CMMS Mobile Application

Mobilise CMMS empower maintenance techs to get more done while staying on the go.  Our mobile application ties in directly to your mobile device, increasing stability, performance, and functionality.  

Now maintenance techs can seamlessly scan barcodes to instantly identify assets and access associated on-demand and preventive maintenance work orders. With direct digital uploads, they can request support or a remote visual inspection from anywhere.  

And because techs work from everywhere from the hospital to bowels of oil rigs out in the sea to the tops of wind turbines in the middle of nowhere, the app helps them still capture critical data even when they can’t get online, syncing with the database as soon as they’re back online. 

Assets Management System

Enterprise Asset Management

Maximize the lifecycle of your assets with the help of Mobilise EAM solution. Improve your efficiency with this state-of-the-art asset management solution by easily managing your Asset Master. It is a paperless,Our mobile application-based asset tagging solution is designed to capture complete information right from field.

Complaint Management System

A single screen which contains every information that the service engineers need to understand the problem statement and act accordingly.

Track everything, from who does the work to when they do it, from how long it takes them to the parts & material they use. 

Mobilise Complaint Management System
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Preventive Maintenance

Get out ahead of the maintenance curve with inspections and tasks that help you find little issues before grow big. Schedule work ahead of time, making sure you have the right resources and parts right when you need them.

 Maximize asset longevity by swapping out parts before they break, damaging the rest of the asset. Best of all, reduce your stress levels. Stop having to work on assets with a idle operators standing around waiting for your team to finish.  

Calibration Management

Mobilise CMMS has an advanced in-built calibration management module which enables organization to auto / manually schedule calibration work order at desired frequency.

A system specially designed for equipments requiring calibration has following features:

Mobilise Spare Part Management Solutions

Spare Part Purchase & Inventory Management

Keep on top of what you have with seamless inventory tracking built right into your on-demand work orders and PMs. Every time you generate a new work order, you can associate parts and materials, so techs know right away what they need to do the job right. And as soon as they close out, the CMMS automatically updates your inventory levels in real time, keeping your numbers accurate and reliable. 

And with customizable min/max levels, you can set the CMMS to warn you when you’re running low and need to re-order. Never get caught empty handed again. 

CMMS Vendor Management

Streamline your vendor database, taking care of everything from inside the CMMS, where it’s easy to see and track.  

Need to order parts? Quickly generate and send purchase orders to ensure you have exactly what you need, right when you need it.  

Mobilise vendor management system is capable of:


Dashboard and Reporting

Mobilise intuitive dashboards and reporting makes sure that all the raw data captured in translated in to easy-to-understand reports.

Tracking maintenance metrics delivers key insights into your operations, telling you exactly where you are and where you can improve. Start making data-driven decisions on everything from who to assign important tasks to when to replace critical assets and equipment.

Best of all, you can finally prove the value of maintenance to the rest of your organization and gain that much-deserved recognition as a key driver of profitability.

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