What is Work Order ?

Work order management software is used to track field service work orders from start to finish. Work order management software also captures vital customer and business information for field service technicians to carry out their jobs without delaying or impeding their work. Digitize every work order - from the time it is created to the moment it is invoiced.

Never Miss a Work OrderExperience the ease of creating and managing work orders

Creat work orders on the goGenerate work orders using just a mobile application

Track time and costGenerate reports for cost analysis and to major maintenance performance

Keep the engineers updatedAssign tasks and notify the engineers about the task status

Manage the work order statusEasily close and resolve the work order status from anywhere

Team up with vendorsEasily colaborate with your vendors and track vendor performance

A Feature rich System

Work orders creation, tracking and resolution are the heart of a CMMS software and it's important to fully automate and optimize an organization's work order management. Keeping up with scheduled and on unplanned maintenance and repairs can be too taxing for organizations using paper or spreadsheets. Using these methods leads to slower response time, equipment downtime, uncompleted tasks, inefficient labor usage and more Work order management software simplifies and controls the work order process, creating a traceable history lowering costs and improving efficiencies and service. With the help of specialized user permission settings, automated alert notifications and reminders, and centralized work order tracking, an organization can become more transparent and accountable to project timelines and maintenance department goals.


IVRS Based Work order creation

  • An innovative Work orders creation system using Toll-Free system
  • An innovative mobile application for logging complaint
  • A portal available for your customers for logging complaint

Maintenance Requests & Creating Work Orders

  • Channel maintenance requests that get approved prior to creating work orders
  • Once requests are approved, work orders are created are assigned to internal technicians or outside contractors
  • Assigned techs and contractors are notified by email or on mobile device

Auto allocation of work orders

  • Intelligent algorithms automatically allocate the work order to team leaders or engineers
  • Maintain work load balance by dynamic tiering of work
  • Horizontal and vertical Escalation of work order in case of SLA breach
  • SLA Management and monitoring of each and every work order

Updating & Closing Work Orders with evidence

  • Work orders can be updated in real time from desktop computers or mobile devices
  • Users can add comments, add documents, images, labor time, invoices, materials and parts used, time to complete
  • All modifications to work orders are recorded with user name and date and time
  • Update and record all costing data and time to complete

Additional Work Order Software Features

Real-time e-mail notifications on request status updates and scheduling Simple work order management system form with many field and drop down options; due date, assigned technician, vendor, priority, work category Add important documents and files to work orders (manuals, contracts, images, URLs) View work orders on facility site and floor plans View and schedule work orders from Calendar dashboard Work orders can be searched by set criteria, printed off individually or in batches Manage all work orders and maintenance requests from smart phones or tablets with Hippo Mobile Generate insightful reports on everything related to work orders and performance The first is a non technical method which requires the use of adware removal software. Download free adware and spyware removal software and use advanced tools getting infected.

More points:

Request Portal
A simple web based access portal to quickly submit maintenance issues to department.
Allocation & Escalation
Ability to approve, reject, assign and escalate requests to engineers
Powerful KPI Monitoring
KPIs are very powerful. Monitor, track, analyze the complex data in to most easiest and meaningful form with our KPI monitoring dashboard.

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