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With mobilise school ERP, say goodbye to physical files and the hassle of paperwork for admissions, attendance or report cards. The Student Management module focuses on easy management of the basic building block of a school – the student. Add new/ existing student data to the school database, view and modify personal/ academic/ medical records of the students, map every student's performance in academics – do all of this and much more! Pave the way by going paperless and carve your niche as a 'school of the future'.


Founded in 2012 with a focus on mobile application development, Field force automation projects, ERP for education sector and custom software development for business process automation Mobilise App Lab LLP is now a 6 years old steady, bootstrapped and upcoming start-up with experience team members from corporate. We have grown to team size of 30+ engineers with customer centric approach of service delivery and commitments


Admissions and the related processes are highly pivotal and crucial for the schools. The management of data at different levels becomes cumbersome more often than not. Our Admissions Management has made the entire Admissions process unimaginably easy and swift. Be it managing registrations or follow-ups, every bit is possible with our solution. The solution is designed to cater all requirements of Admission Counselor in streamlining the complete admission process. The applicant can make online admission enquiry, fill up registration form, upload documents, make online payment and also track the status of the application anytime. Schools can configure the steps involved in admission process for different classes and also set-up auto allotment of interaction schedules.


This module is a savvy examination management system with high student performance analysis feature. The examination is most important academic activity to evaluate the student ability and performance. School ERP includes a wide-range of processes from exam timetable arrangement to creation of progress reports of students. Exam management modules include exam marks entry, CCE report generation and final result display of student. The exam management module provides whole examination procedures in just a few clicks. Exam management module is very helpful for teachers to update student’s marks, remarks and generate various reports in bulk which reduces time and enables paperless work. Class wise Examination Setup School ERP, any school or institute can setup exams class wise, like what all subject to be included in a particular class along with grades or marks.


The communication module in the school ERP is a very convenient mass messaging system that enables Schools to keep parents updated regarding their children’s development. Parents can receive messages directly on their mobile phones; the security is also taken into consideration. Important reminders also can be sent to parents and students. This works out as a very efficient and cost-effective way of communication between schools and parents.


Query management manages the queries of both internal and external nature. Parents can raise a query to the school online on various subjects like academics, fees, transport etc., these queries then get directed to the respective departments and can be answered by the concerned people.


The employee management module enables to manage the data about the employees. It flawlessly and precisely manages employee’s leave and salary information. An employee can be categorized according to the designation and job category. Employee leaves, allowances and deduction information can be managed precisely; this module also enables extraction of staff details or attendance or any required documents of staff members in just one click of a button.


Payroll Management System is essential for schools and at the same time, it is very critical to handle same as small misapprehension can lead to financial balk and create a huge state of confusion. Manually linking payroll with attendance made it even more challenging due to human errors, time consumption, and data counterparts. Payroll functions can be automated using this module to help the collection, organization, and storage of all information required for payroll calculations and report generations. School payroll management module is designed to organize all the tasks of employee payment and the filing of employee taxes. It helps in TDS calculation and generates reports related to it. The ECR file can be generated through this module for the purpose of Provident Fund (PF). The calculation related to not only PF but ESI is possible here and it helps to generate reports regarding it.


Visitor management in the school ERP is a standalone module. A system with this module installed can be deployed in the guard room on the main gate of the school. The visitors details can be punched in with the photograph of the visitor. The system sends an SMS confirmation to appointee and visitor. Reports can be pulled out of the system representing the details of all the visitors on monthly or annual basis.


Library is no less than lifeline to any school as it is the heart of knowledge for the students, faculty, and the school on the whole. The proper management of Library is highly significant to every educational institution and this module handles this endeavor in the most significant manner. With our library management module the school can manage multiple libraries with the help of comprehensive dashboards. Moreover, there is a great arrangement of auto filling of book details using ISBN code online. The module enables the school to tag every book in the library with system generated barcodes. The school may have book details with DDC and can manage e-resource Library through this module. The system enables the school to generate multiple reports based on issued books, books returned, and books to be returned. The module also sends auto-reminders to the students for the books due to be returned


The schools nowadays provide transportation facilities to the student for their better and secure commute while managing the school timings. Transportation management module includes vehicle name, route details, name of the driver, transportation fees, vehicle registration number, etc which eases the process of maintaining transportation data also, transport fee collection is quite easy with the predefined structure.


The fee module is the one of the most automated fee calculation module on hand in the market. We understand that any discrepancy with fee collection and its management can cause mayhem so, apart from being automated it is, at the same time, flexible enough to accommodate the varying nature of fee payments that most of the educational institutions come across. Fee calculation is done on the basis of category selected for the student.The module automatically calculates the pending fees, previous fee payment details of the selected student. In addition to the above, it sends overdue fee reminders in an automated way and manages fee concession and waiver approval process with much ease and at a great pace User-defined fee structure and category can be maintained. Automated bill generation option enhances the system dependability. Fee Receipt can be accepted by the system.


Certificate Generation allows you to generate certificates for school students and staffs easily and without any effort. Also a copy of the generated can be stored for future references and track record of the generated certificates can be kept. The module is 100% customizable as per school needs.


As you surely know, effective inventory management is no easy feat. This is especially true if your establishment relies on manual administration of the tasks involved. Inventory management module provides a suite of tools to help schools to control their inventory processes. As the time passes, more and more items are procured and purchased by the school hence adding to the inventory list and if it is not managed properly and appropriately, the school will never be able to keep a track of thefts, misplaced items, items sent out, and items sold. The school invests a fortune in inventory and its management and maintenance is necessary by all means and this module is the best solution to this challenge. The staff members and teachers may send an online requisition for different items and there is a provision of approval by the concerned authorities with user-defined levels which makes it flexible enough to be modified by the school as desired.


Schools can create vacancies online and share on the school website. Public at large can apply online and submit the forms online itself. The schools can create a repository of all the resumes and print the compiled resumes and compare candidates on several parameters.


Clinic Software is useful for school clinics. Very easy to use, multiuser software to maintain students’ health information, medical records etc. Our software is complete with all the functionalities. It keeps the record of all the staff members, doctors and patients. It maintains the record of every patient with all the information related to all the checkups doctors suggested, diagnostics, medicines used on that patient.


The appointment management system manages appointments efficaciously. The AMS will help you to manage your parents/vendors appointments in a sophisticated manner. There is rarely a school today that does not need a manager for handling the appointments of parents/vendors, thus it acts as a vital tool for the schools to leave an impression of being a highly driven organization


Mobilise have created an online web portal for the student and mainly for the parents. The online student management system provides a web portal which benefits for parents to track information about their child/student. A parent can get updates about their children from time to time. Mobilise school ERP is cloud based software as a result users can easily access the student data anytime. Student data can be easily synchronized from offline to online through the school ERP software.

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