Sales Management

Mobilise sales management system enables organizatons to create sales leads from sources such as social media, internal reference, external references, web portals, cold calling and any distinct sources using an intutive interface which is available on both mobile applications and web platforms. The complete sales lifecycle can be customised as per business requirement and proceses. Mobilise system enables the sales team to remain focussed on the leads which are useful and save time, energy and cost.

Some Salient Features

  • Efficient Lead Management System
  • Manage Sales Pipeline
  • Manage Customer Quatations
  • Online Order Management System
  • Intutive E-commerce Portal and Mobile App
  • Item Dispatch and delivery tracking
  • Invoice Management

Lead Management System

Best in class where we can manage and track our all leads in one place.It is a open source lead management software open source which can be used by any business industry. For example Small businesses, real estate , educational industry, colleges, Pharma companies, IT companies lead tracking software etc.

Automate lead managementForget the pen and paper approach of recording the potential client’s detail.

Lead feasibility Management Test the feasibility of lead berore making customer commitment

Filter and assess leadsUse filters to isolate leads by source,feasibisility & probability to save valuable time & energy

Distrbute Leads to teamsPredefined workflow rules let you assign leads to sales reps based on location, product, or department.

Track leads from start to finish Use a customized dashboard to keep tabs on the lead conversion cycle right from its creation,work in progress and conversion

Convert lead to customerWhen leads are willing to buy product or service, turn them into deals with a click.

Sales Pipeline Management

Manage and track all your sales opportunities across the sales journey. Help the sales team to turn raw leads to prospects and further nurture them to a closed sale. Let the sales team reach their targets in an efficient and effective manner.

Get Rid of the JUNK

Being able to get rid of the dead/junk leads is as important as pursuing the HOT ones. It is pointless to spend your limited time and resources on the leads that have expressed no interest in your product or services or have stopped answering to your calls and mails. Maintain a clean pipeline by categorizing your leads on the basis of their responses.

Get notified in real-time

Never miss an opportunity to get in touch with your prospects and clients if they try to reach out to you. Mobilise sales management system provides its users with the luxury of sending bulk or individual emails, text messages. Always stay connected with your customers and look out for live updates using our real time notification features.

Lead Analytics

Perform lead analytics with our powerful analytics engine and enable your sales team make more informed decisions more efficiently and quickly. Mobilise Lead Management System makes the information easy to decipher by representing them graphically. Mobilise provides the users with options to select from like charts, graphs, bars, pies etc. Users can generate reports on daily, weekly, monthly, annual basis and analyze sales performance of sales team.

Order Management System

Mobilise Quotations Management system is complete end to end solution designed for your sales team. The key features of this module include designing new quotations for the customers and automating the whole process. Mobilise QMS aims at increasing the business efficiency of the client by automating the designing and creation of sales quotations, mailing quotations, maintaining billing and shipping address and providing enhanced reporting features.

Quotation creationStreamline your quotation creation process with Mobilise Quotation Management System. Create full blown quotations with complete customer details, serial no. and item details with provisions to add images and remarks.

Customer offer Using Mobilise OMS users can easily draft details of the items to be sent to the customer. Specify the details of the items to be offered and send the quote with details mentioning the stock committed and price. Send fresh quotes if any attempts of negotiations are made by the client.

Offer ConfirmationOnce the client receives the fresh quotation after the negotiation phase, s/he can accept the sales quotation over the mail and confirm the offer. The sales team at this stage can now proceed towards the sales order creation process. Sales order creation

Sales order creationGenerate sales order using Mobilise QMS in few clicks. Users can specify the details about the product or service along with price, quantity, and buyer details like the shipping/billing address, mode of payment and terms and conditions. Dispatch

Dispatch After the creation of sales order users can dispatch the items specified in the sales order.

InvoicingInvoice generation is one of the most important modules of Mobilise OMS. Users can generate different types of invoices like recurring invoice, support invoice, international invoice, trade invoice, partner invoice and other different type of invoice depending on their invoicing practices.

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