RFID based Tracking

Our RFID solution is a mix of quality hardware (RFID tags, readers, antennae) and customizable software. Our solution is comprehensive and will fit all your needs. Our solution can be easily integrated into existing systems or customized on the basis of the industry with the ability to generate custom reports and data tracking. Mobilise RFID systems provide a range of benefits which includes reduction in wastage of time and money when it comes to industrial challenges like equipment tracking, warehouse management, inventory management, live-stock management , parking management, vehicle management etc.

Why Choose Us?

Mobilise is a leading provider of solutions utilizing RFID based technologies. Extending its technological expertise in this domain, the company seeks to deliver value and growth in tangible business terms. With its core team deeply entrenched in both business and technology, Mobilise is able to differentiate itself by enabling useful applications of RFID based technologies across diverse domains such as inventory management, article tracking and visibility etc.

Manufacturing Units

We provide services to manufacturing units in order to help them to ensure a very high level of accuracy in the warehousing. Our RFID technology also enables the manufacturers to automate their maintenance activities.
  • Inventory tracking
  • Maintenance management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Attendance/Access control


Healthcare is the most important component of any economy. Our RFID based solutions for the healthcare sector are robust and comprehensive
  • Patient tracking
  • Mother and child tracking
  • Medical equipment tracking
  • Surgery asset management


There are number of challenges faced by educational institutions when it comes to safety of the students and their well-being. RFID solution designed for schools from Mobilise delivers all this, and more.
  • Library Management
  • Student tracking
  • Bus tracking
  • Attendance Management
  • Inventory Management


Our RFID Solutions are robust and time tested and knows no boundaries. Our solutions are meant to completely automate your existing process no matter how critical or unique your services are.
  • Access controls
  • Efficiently tag and track critical items in the supply chain
  • Monitor the movement of machine, supplies and men within the military premises
  • Ensure 24/7 operational availability of weapons and weapon systems

File tracking

Our File Tracking Solution is a fully automated local positioning system, a system for finding, identifying and managing files and other documents in an organization.
  • Eliminates searches for files
  • Eliminates broadcast emails looking for files
  • Performs file room or desk audit quickly
  • Eliminates duplication of files
  • Improves productivity and reduces costs
  • Passively track files as staff walk around

Livestock Management

Our Livestock Tracking Solution also automates the process of feeding, disease control, breeding practices as well as quality and traceability assurance
  • • Track Cattle, Sheep, other animals, Assets Secure and manage your shelter , yard Monitor location and availability and numbers of animals
  • Improve customer satisfaction levels RFID makes Animal Tracking System
  • Efficient
  • Robust
  • Improves Responsiveness
  • Our integration of Animal Tracking Solution provides you with the control over all aspects of your operations.
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