Project Management dashboard

In today’s world data plays a very crucial role in the success of the organization. The ability of the organization to process that data and generate useful information out of it is the key. In order to achieve that, a powerful tool is required. Mobilise offers a user friendly yet powerful Project Management tool that enables business to manage their projects with ease. Our Project Management Systems (PMS) are specific to the objectives of the projects. Our PMS is not restricted to a single project type or company. Mobilise PMS caters to the project management needs of organizations varying from construction companies, manufacturers and even IT companies.

Our Offerings

Real time presentation

Being a cloud based system, the users can update the information from anywhere at any time of the day using the web portal or their mobile. The updates get reflected on the dashboard as and when the data is entered by the users.

Track projects from the scratch

Users can update data on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. Hence the top management has an eye over the progress of the project from day 1.

Track budget

Using our PMS, the organizations can make sure that the expenses incurred during the execution of the project didn’t cross the budget set. The system compares the expenses met with the budget set for a given project and provides the analysis of the same to the users.

Track the project progress

Monitor physical progress of the projects on the project management dashboard. The management can track the physical progress status and draw analysis with the help of our tool and determine if the project is being executed as scheduled or not.

Track the reasons for delay in the projects

People at the execution level can also add the reasons for delay in the project. It gives the decision making team an exposure of what irregularities the people at the execution level are facing and what actions have been planned to rectify the situation.

Mobile friendly

OPeople at the ground level can upload data in the palm of their hands. The tool has been optimized to work even on small screens. Users can upload data with the help of the PMS mobile app or by just using the mobile web browser.
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