What is inventory ?

Mobilise understands the supply chain requirement of its clients and has developed user friendly system which is based on Source 2 Contract & Purchase 2 Pay concept of its Supply Chain Management
The Source 2 Contract solution is deployed when client need to find a best suited vendor for material/services from an external vendor based on quotation or a bidding process. Once finalized the shortlisted bidder is regularized with a formal contract with rates configured in system. The shortlisted vendor can be issued a contract or OTPO (One Time Purchase Order)
The Purchase 2 Pay solution is deployed where client need to purchase material/services from regular / external vendor based on contracted rates. This process includes all the business tasks starting from a purchase requisition (PR) or demand note which are based on business requirement The business requirement can be initiated from any of the following sources:

  • Customer demand
  • Regular business operations
  • MRP Run
  • Equipment maintenance and management
  • Client specific need as part of business services


    a) RFQ to Vendor Shortlisting process steps (Source 2 Contract): Below is a quick process flow for Vendor shortlisting from RFQ process


    a) Purchase Order processing from sites (Purchase 2 Pay) : ): Below is a quick process flow for Vendor shortlisting from RFQ process

    “Knock out the delays in services caused by lack of supplies.
    Keep the inventory level at its peak”

    Purchase automationCreat Purchase Request and Purchase Order,track material and manage vendors on the go and monitor material cosumption

    Barcode tags for Inventory managementTag the spare parts with a system generated barcode or QR code. Scan the codes with the mobile app to learn the details of the parts and their quantity

    Maintain stock of fast moving itemsTrack the stock levels of fast moving items and generate reports to track their consumption trends.

    Set thresholds and alertsSet a threshold level for each of the spare parts. Users can also set the software to trigger alerts in the form of texts/emails whenever the stock count is close to the limit

    Set the level s of approvalsMobilise IMS enables the users to set the levels of approval for PR and PO generated by other users.

    Manage inventory on the goUsers can use the mobile application to manage the inventory. The engineers can easily raise indents from the field directly from our cloud based Inventory Management Software

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