School Management Dashboard

Being an ERP vendor, we work closely with many schools and understand the need of a bird’s eye view for the top level management. The academics dashboard enables the school management to get an overview of the status of the institution(s) in just one click. In order to make the information effortless to grasp the academics dashboard is so well structured and planned hence making it a go to tool for the top management.
The dashboard landing page will give the user access to various information like Student Management, Employee Management, Payroll management, Library management, Exam management etc. Admin can access various information like:

School Dashboard

  • Total strength of the school
  • Student Count class wise/ section wise
  • Class and section wise male female strength
  • Class and section wise Fees Discount strength
  • Class wise category strength
  • Bus route strength
  • Class wise alumni strength
  • Monthly TC reports

Communication Dashboard

  • Monthly SMS count
  • Daily SMS report
  • Monthly Circular Report

Fees Dashboard

  • Monthly Collection Report
  • Day wise Collection
  • Collection from different Payment Modes
  • Monthly bounce summary
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