User Friendly Maintenance Software for Healthcare Facilities

Mobilise is a powerful, affordable and user friendly facilities maintenace software solution. This CMMS system comes equipped with all the modules and features required by facilities and maintenance managers of hospitals and clinics.

Healthcare facilities require dependable CMMS software that is scalable and responsive enough to adapt to technological innovation. Mobilise is feature-rich and fits a variety of facility sizes. These benefits along with our easy-to-use interface and unlimited user pricing plans make us an affordable and accessible facilities management software solution for the entire organization.

Mobilise CMMS empowers facility and maintenance managers to streamline maintenance requests, work orders, inpections, preventive maintenance solutions and other events.It is a robust database that houses equipment and asset data, inventory, manuals and documents, and vendor and contractor information.

Mobilise Hospital facility maintenance software Features:

Facility Management Software

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Scheduling software oftentimes goes hand-in-hand with a patient portal. You can direct patients to log into their account and schedule appointments when it’s convenient for them.

Practice Management

PM software takes away stress and helps you optimize your time. Your overall goal is to help you provide better short- and long-term patient care, and with the correct system in place,


Electronic medical record (EMR) systems are one of the most popular medical software categories. EMRs replaced paper records by digitizing medical charting, making digital versions of charts and patient histories.


Electronic health record (EHR) systems function similarly to EMRs, though the former is a more robust system overall. EHRs allow you to check a patient’s history, diagnoses, treatments, medications.

Medical Billing

That’s where medical billing software steps in. This type of system automates patient billing and filing insurance claims. If there’s an issue such as a late payment, the system alerts you so you can act accordingly.


Sending prescriptions to pharmacies can be tedious when creating orders for multiple patients. To expedite the process, physician offices began using ePrescribing software. In just a few clicks a prescription is sent,

How Mobilise Stands Out

User Friendly

No need to be tech-savvy to learn Mobilise simple work order and preventive maintenance software

Unlimited Users

Add as many users as needed, giving access to all who can benefit from Mobilise work order system

Cost Effective

With unlimited users and flexible pricing plans, this work order and preventive maintenance software is guaranteed to deliver a fast ROI

Unbeatable Support

Customer satisfaction is a prime objective. Mobilise support team is reliable and helpful . Responsiveness and resolving issues are top priority at Mobilise