Metrics on this Executive Dashboard

  • Account & MRR Growth
  • Marketing Metrics
  • Sales Metrics
  • Product Metrics
  • Finance Metrics
  • User Experience Metrics
  • Services and Support Metrics
  • Human Resources Metrics

Account & MRR Growth Metrics

These metrics belong at the top of this reporting dashboard, because they’re always in the front of an executive's mind. These metrics reflect your company’s position against your set targets, which means that you can always see what direction your revenue and retention should be going in.

Marketing Metrics

The marketing section of this dashboard is used to help the CEO track marketing performance. It’s a summary as opposed to a play-by-play of every marketing activity. By focusing on marketing outcomes, the executive can focus her attention on areas to improve or to ask questions about.

Sales Metrics

It should be no surprise that the sales metrics are right next to marketing metrics on the executive dashboard. This section is about spotting problems and fixing them quickly. The ultimate goal of any executive is to grow a business, and all the surrounding sections of this dashboard ultimately funnel into these sales performance metrics.

Product Metrics

Product is everything for a business! The product metrics on the executive dashboard are an easy read into the behaviour of your customers. This section of the executive dashboards allows executives to stay up to date with any product issues, and see opportunity for improvement where it arises.

Finance Metrics

Understanding a company’s finances is essential to any executives job. The finance section of the executive dashboard makes it easy for you to keep an eye on the company’s cash flow so you never have to sift through data to see exactly where the business stands.

User Experience Metrics

“What are our customers experiencing?” The user experience metric says a lot about how the company’s marketing, product, sales and support are performing. This section reports on how users are interacting with the product, and how the company is responding to these interactions. Happy customers are essential to growing a business, so adding the user experience metric section means that every decision executives make has these end users in mind.

Services and Support Metrics

Just like the user experience section, the services and support metrics section on the executive dashboard is a ‘check-in’ with customers. This section is all about how the support team is responding to users needs. Maybe changes have been made to the product that users are having a difficult time grasping or the customer base is growing to a point where there is a need for more support staff.