What is Bio-Metric System ?

Biometrics is the measurement and statistical analysis of people's unique physical and behavioral characteristics. The technology is mainly used for identification and access control, or for identifying individuals who are under surveillance.

Attendance Software makes it a lot more powerful !

The Attendance software is very helpful for all Records, like student Bio-metric attendance & Buses attendance,Employee attendance, Generate Monthly Attendance Report Here.

Synchronize with your attendance device

Pull information from your attendance device with every entry made and integrate it with the attendance module.

Retrieve tailor-made reports

Make payroll data easily available with the help of extensive reports on employee attendance, overtime, and TOIL (Time Off In Lieu).

Register attendance

Enable employees to record attendance from anywhere either through a web portal or with their mobile devices. You can control access by setting IP-based restrictions.

Regularize data

Capture unrecorded attendance automatically and get notified of any changes made by employees to their attendance data.

Is Fully Integrated with Existing time and Attendance Software

This means any related time or attendance activity automatically triggers the point system. For example, if an employee logs in late, a tardy point is automatically applied to his/her record. Time and attendance integration also allows managers to edit attendance events and run point balance reports with real-time information.

Notifies Managers of all Events

A point system that alerts managers when employees incur points for positive or negative events keeps the manager aware of employees' actions. Additionally, the manager needs to be able to enter comments or notes about a specific event, especially in the case of extenuating circumstances. If Sharon, a manager, receives a call from employee Tom that his child is sick and he'll be late to work that day

Allows Customized Reporting

Managers will find it helpful if point systems run reports on customized timeframes such as daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually or even over multiple years. The system also needs to offer quick access to attendance incident reports, point balances and year-to-date employee attendance histories.

Reduces Labor Costs by Lowering Absenteeism.

A point system serves as a numerical representation of an employee's attendance habits. Many employees who focus on their attendance behaviors will want to improve by reducing late arrivals and absences, and these positive changes will be reflected in their point totals.


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“The need for reliable and accurate data in a business cannot be asserted enough. Employee Time & Attendance Software negate the loopholes in the traditional methods of attendance and time-keeping, bringing in more clarity and accuracy.”

Bring Transparency

“Maintaining reports of employee data is just as critical as the collection process. An efficient attendance software gives the management a detailed insight into their business and the employees, and performance,”

Detailed Reports

“Online attendance management enables seamless integration with mobile devices, allowing 24/7 access. Employees can receive real time updates about their attendance, leave approvals, reimbursement alerts through SMS, Mail.”

SMS & Email Alerts

Attendance Management Made Simple !

Managing attendance online is more feasible than the manual methods. It simplifies the tedious task of attendance management and is an effortless way to improve productivity. It can be considered as a worthy investment that delivers value as it reduces the lapses caused due to human errors.


The Student Attendance Success Plan is Designed to help Parents Track their Children’s


Attendance Processing is Effective Only when it's Real-time. Employees & Managers Need to fix issues ASAP and not at the end of the Month.


You can Easily Generate and Print an Attendance Report that includes Absences and/or tardies for a time Frame Specified by You